One-Day Radiator Repair & Maintenance

Mechanic - Radiator Maintenance

Keep your radiator clean and in good, working condition with radiator repair and maintenance from Victor's Radiator Service, located in Pomona, California. We service cars, trucks, and diesel-fueled vehicles.

Maintaining Your Radiator

No one looks forward to the time when his or car needs maintenance or repair. At Victor's Radiator Service, we understand this and provide you with no-hassle, quality service that helps you take care of your vehicle without spending massive amounts of time and money.

Since 1985, our professionals have provided exceptional and reasonably priced service. We understand cars and the people who drive them. Therefore, we cater to each customer’s specific needs to ensure that our service exceeds your expectations.


Contact us to request one of the following services:

• Repair for Plastic &
  Aluminum Radiators
• Rod-Out
• Rebuilt
• Recores


At Victor's Radiator Service, we carry the following:


• New, Complete Radiators
• Diesel & Forklift Radiators

• Gas Tanks
• Heater Cores • A/C Condensers


The brands we trust and use include:


• Craig™
• Modine™
• Valeo™

• TS Thermo Components™
• Performance Radiator®
• CSF™
• Koyo™
• Proliance™
• Delphi™
• Visteon™ 

Contact us to schedule a service for your vehicle's radiator.